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Reporting Bush Fire Hazards

If you are concerned about bush fire hazards on your property, or the property adjacent to you, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) can provide advice regarding preparing your property against bush fires and what you have to do in the event of a bush fire.  

This advice is free and can be arranged by contacting your local RFS Fire Control Centre and speaking with one of our officers.  

The RFS is responsible for inspecting bush fire hazards, providing advice and if necessary,   issuing notices to all landowners and managers to reduce hazards.      

If you believe there is a bush fire hazard near your property, you can make a formal Complaint by

  • Contacting your local Fire Control Centre, in person, via email, mail, fax or  phone or
  • Filling in the below On Line Bush Fire Hazard Complaint Form.        

The RFS will arrange for an inspection of the site to determine if a bush fire hazard exists. The landowner or the manager of the land will be notified separately of the results. Privacy Legislation prevents the disclosure of your details.  

If a hazard does exist the RFS can issue a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, requesting the hazard be removed.    

This Notice can be issued to Private & Public landowners.  

If the Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Notice is not complied with, the RFS may remove hazard at the landowner’s cost.

On Line Bush Fire Hazard Complaint Form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Enter your contact details
Name *
Address *
Suburb *
Post Code *
Phone (A/Hrs)
Phone (B/Hrs)
Phone (Mobile)
Email *
Enter details of the property with the bushfire hazard
Name of Owner (if known)
Post Code
I am the owner / occupier of land adjacent to or in the vicinity of the above property.
I wish to complain of a bush fire hazard that I believe exists on land adjacent to / in the vicinity of my property.
The grounds for my complaint are as follows.

I request that the NSW Rural Fire Service investigate my complaint and inform me of actions to be taken in respect of the complaint.

Please Note: By submitting this form you are effectively signing this document.

Enter Text Shown in Picture *

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