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Where Can I Get Help?

Fire is a natural feature of the Australian landscape and  remains an ever-present threat. Bush fire planning will not stop fires starting, but aims to reduce the risk they pose to life, property and the  environment.

When preparing a development application (DA) on bush fire  prone land you will need to prepare a Bush Fire Assessment Report to accompany  the DA. There are currently two options available to applicants seeking to  prepare a Bush Fire Assessment Report:

  1. Engage a suitably qualified bush fire consultant  to prepare a bush fire assessment report for the proposed development. Contact details for bush fire planning and design consultants can be found on the  internet in the yellow pages or through the FPA Australia Provider of Choice  search where Companies who employ or engage an accredited Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Practitioner can be found on the Fire Protection Association of Australia website. This website also contains a national list of all BPAD Accredited Practitioners for validation purposes.

    As  assessment of bush fire risk is a highly complex process requiring suitably qualified practitioners to utilise their broad range of skills knowledge and  competencies in bush fire planning and design, the NSW RFS recommends using a suitably qualified consultant or the local council.

  2. Prepare the report yourself using the application kit. This should only be done if the development involves a  straight forward single dwelling application that meets all of the acceptable  solutions of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006. Applicants who decide to  prepare a report themselves take on the responsibility of providing accurate  information to council and the NSW RFS. Submission of inaccurate  information may result in requests for additional information and delay the DA  process.

When considering Complying Development, applicants should  undertake a preliminary assessment using the BAL Risk Assessment Application  Kit before contacting a qualified consultant or local Council for  advice regarding the level of bush fire risk.

For more information, contact your local council, the NSW RFS Planning and Environmental Services Centre hotline number 1300 NSW RFS (1300 679 737) or NSW RFS Bush Fire Information  Line on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737) option 4.