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Major Projects

Major Projects are outlined in Schedule 1 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Projects) 2005. The SEPP lists the following nine classes of development covering various industry and infrastructure sectors:  

  • agriculture, timber, food and related industries
  • mining, petroleum production, quarries and
  • associated processing industries
  • chemical, manufacturing and related industries
  • general manufacturing, distribution and storage facilities
  • tourism and recreational facilities
  • health and public service facilities
  • transport, energy and water infrastructure
  • resource and waste related industries
  • major construction projects.  

For each class of development, the policy specifies criteria and thresholds at which a development becomes a Major Project.

A number of new classes in Schedule 1 include categories of development that were not state significant development previously — in particular construction projects and infrastructure projects.

Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 commenced on 1 August 2005 and provides an assessment process for development declared to be a Major Project under the SEPP or by the Minister for Planning. Part 3A provides for an integrated assessment of major development taking into account bush fire risk. Proponents should consult Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006 when selecting sites for development and undertaking environmental assessments.

For more information regarding major projects see the Department of Planning circular website -