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Operational Protocols

OP 1.1.2 Remote Area Firefighting (RAF)

Published 19 December 2011 - Rapid Aerial Response Teams (RART) is a programme where specially trained firefighting teams (trained RAFT Firefighters) are placed on standby at appropriate times and in appropriate places, transported by helicopter to the scene of an incident when needed and, if necessary, transferred to the ground by winching or similar insertion techniques. The deployment and coordination of RART is operated under the Operational Protocol for Rapid Aerial Response Teams.

OP 1.1.5 Warning and Public Information

OP 1.2.3 Working in the Rail Corridor

Published 25 March 2010 - The NSW RFS has a duty of care and a responsibility under the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) for the safety of its members and other persons in the vicinity whilst undertaking activities on or adjacent to the NSW rail corridor and to mitigate all associated risks.

OP 1.2.7 Working on Roofs

Published 14 December 2010 - NSW RFS members may respond to incidents where working on roofs is required, such as overhaul at a structure fire or assisting other agencies with storm damage. This Protocol details the procedures and equipment required to safely and effectively carry out such work on roofs.

OP 1.2.14 Prescribed Burning

OP 1.2.17 Rapid Aerial Response Teams

Published November 2019 - The purpose of this Operational Protocol is to provide Incident Controllers (ICs), Incident Management Team (IMT) members, District Officers and State Operations staff with Operational Procedures and associated guidelines regarding the deployment of NSW RFS Rapid Aerial Response Teams (RART).

OP 1.2.19 Medical Evacuation of Fireground Personel

Published 4 August 2014 - The purpose of this Operational Protocol is to provide ICs, IMT members and OICs with guidelines for medical assistance and/or transport from the fireground of NSW RFS and other emergency service personnel.

OP 1.2.20 Operational Protocol for Backburning

OP 1.2.21 Electric Vehicles

Published August 2021 - This Operational Protocol outlines the guidance and procedures specific to fires in vehicles with fully or partially electric power plants. It does not re-visit established processes for motor vehicle incidents to which the vehicle power plant is not relevant.

OP 1.2.22 Photovoltaic Arrays

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