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Know the school plan – Stage 3

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Bush fire safety


The ‘Know the School Plan’ safety message explores the importance of knowing and remembering the school’s emergency bushfire plan.

There is always the possibility of being at school when a bushfire threatens. Therefore, it is extremely important for students to know their home and school emergency plans. The video illustrates how family members should also be up to date with any school emergency policy. This is also a good chance for the school to revisit its emergency plan.

It is recommended that you view the background information for teachers before undertaking this lesson.

Links to NSW Curriculum


Environment strand

  • ENS3.5 – demonstrates an understanding of the interconnectedness between Australia and global environments and how individuals and groups can act in an ecologically responsible manner.
  • ENS3.6 – explains how various beliefs and practices influence the ways in which people interact with, change and value their environment.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Personal Health strand

  • PHS3.12 – explains the consequences of personal lifestyle choices

Safe Living strand

  • SLS3.13 – describes safe practices that are appropriate to a range of situations and environments


  • EN3-8D – identifies and considers how different viewpoints of their world, including aspects of culture are represented in texts.

Learning outcomes

Participating in this lesson will help students to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will view their school’s current emergency bushfire plan, identifying any areas that need reviewing.
  • Students will identify key messages in their school’s emergency bushfire plan, and use these to educate others.


  • ‘Know the School Plan’ safety message video (running time: 30 sec)
  • a copy of your school’s current emergency bushfire plan (if you do not have one, use the school’s general emergency plan) – one per pair or small group
  • interactive whiteboard (IWB) - optional
  • ‘Our School Bushfire Plan’ activity sheet – one per student

Lesson steps

As a class, watch the ‘Know the School Plan' video. Discuss:

  • What were the key messages in the video?
  • Did all the children remember their school emergency bushfire plan?
  • Who remembered the school emergency bushfire plan and wanted to teach it to the other children?
  • Why did the children want to tell their parents about the school emergency bushfire plan?

Ask students who is aware of the school bushfire (or emergency) plan. What does it include? What are students expected to do in an emergency? Who is responsible for them and their safety in an emergency? Why do we need to know, understand and practise the emergency procedures? Ensure you talk about evacuation and lockdown procedures.

  • If your school has a bushfire emergency plan:

    In pairs, students read and evaluate the emergency bushfire plan. They should take note of any areas that may need updating. Share findings with the class. Pairs then write a letter to the school principal or board outlining any suggested updates, justifying why they are needed. Students could also present their ideas at a school council meeting.

  • If your school does not have a bushfire emergency plan:

    In pairs, students read the general emergency plan. Does it have specific provisions for bushfire situations? If not, make suggestions about what needs to be included in this plan, or work together to create a specific bushfire emergency plan. Present these ideas to the school principal or board.

Students, with the support of the teacher, complete the ‘Our School Bushfire Plan’ activity sheet. The information on this sheet can be collected from the school’s bushfire emergency plan, general emergency plan or from staff. A copy should be taken home and displayed for all family members to read. Students could also prepare a presentation of the key issues to be delivered at a school/parent information evening.

As a homework task, encourage students to create a bushfire survival plan with their family. To help families undertake this task with their children, there is a fantastic e-book resource called ‘Making a Bushfire Survival Plan? Involve your Kids’ at You may wish to email this link to the families. There are also templates available on fire agency websites that can assist with this activity.

Further activities

Here are some suggested extra activities to extend the students’ learning.

  • Identify the school fire warden and compile a list of questions for him/her to answer. Find out how students can help the warden in a fire situation.
  • Students to create a form of communication to remind families of the school’s bushfire emergency plan. This could be a newsletter, information brochure, school website update or parent information book.
  • As a class (or whole school) practise the school’s bushfire emergency procedure. Perhaps even involve the parents/carers.
  • Invite someone from your local bushfire service to speak to the class about ways to prepare for bushfire season.

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