Mt Solitary Hazard Reduction


The National Parks and Wildlife Service with assistance from NSW RFS crews undertook a 3500hectare hazard reduction burn at Mt Solitary, south of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

This burn will be completed over the coming days ahead of cold and possible wet weather this weekend. Photo: NPWS

Mt Solitary 1

A night time picture of the Mt Solitary HR.  Overnight the smoke will settle and the smoke modelling predicts that large areas, including the Sydney Basin will affected.  The HR is being patrolled overnight and will continue over the next couple of days.

Because the smoke is being dispersed over a large area, only call '000' if you see an unattended fire.  

A reminder that access to a number of areas in the National Park is restricted until the HR has been completed and the area made safe.  Information about the closures can be access from the NPWS webpage or by calling the World Heritage Centre on 4787 8877.

Mt Solitary 2

More than 30 National Parks and Wildlife Service and NSW Rural Fire Service firefighters are actively working on and monitoring a hazard reduction burn at Mt Solitary, south of Echo Point in the Blue Mountains. Crews are proactively managing the fire during the current strong winds.

There are no more planned ignitions within the 3,500 hectare burn area; however, already lit fire will continue to produce a considerable amount of smoke that will be visible across the Blue Mount...ains and western Sydney.

Residents can expect to see smoke as the fire burns out to containment lines through until early next week. Please do not call Triple Zero (000) unless you see a fire that is unattended.

The Mt Solitary burn is part of the Blue Mountains Bush Fire Management Committee endorsed bush fire risk management plan which is focused on providing bush fire protection to all communities in the Blue Mountains.

It provides additional protection to Katoomba, Leura and Wentworth Falls, building upon a hazard reduction burn that was completed in 2016 around Pitt's Amphitheatre in the Jamison Valley.

Mt Solitary 3