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The RFS is committed to developing the capability of our members, so they can respond appropriately, effectively, and safely in times of emergency.

The RFS offers a wide variety of training programs to cater to the different operational and non-operational needs of the Service. The training offered to members is developmental and encourages personal advancement as a member’s experience within the RFS increases.

Some training offered by the RFS is linked to national qualifications, which are recognised outside the Service. RFS members have an opportunity to attain nationally accredited units of competency (UoC) which may contribute towards the qualification Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting Operations) PUA20719.

Internally, training is divided into five identifiable training bands from ‘Foundation’ through to ‘Strategic’. The training bands, outlined below, allow members to better identify, plan and navigate their own learning pathways during their time with the Service.


Training qualifications which provide basic through to intermediate skills and knowledge in preparation for working under direct supervision within a team or crew.


Training qualifications which provide intermediate through to advanced skills and knowledge in preparation for working at an advanced level without direct supervision within a team or crew.


Training qualification which provide advanced skills and knowledge in preparation for supervising and mentoring a team or crew to carry out duties effectively.


Training qualifications which provide highly advanced skills and knowledge in preparation for taking command or control of large operations, planning and/or leading multiple teams or crews.


Training qualifications which provide specialised skills and knowledge in preparation for providing expert and strategic direction across multiple large incidents or campaigns.

The RFS promotes and supports a flexible and blended approach to learning. The use of face-to-face learning, mixed with interactive and self-paced activities has ensured different learners individual needs are catered for.

Training Information Booklet

The Training Information Booklet provides information about:

  • training course within the RFS
  • learning pathways
  • relevant Service Standards

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