Join the NSW RFS

There are many reasons to join the NSW RFS. You may want to protect your families, your friends, your home and assets, your community, and your way of life.


The NSW RFS provides training and education opportunities to all members free of charge, giving you the knowledge and skills to work safely.


We recognise and value the role our members play in communities every day. One way we acknowledge the contribution of our members is through official awards in recognition of distinguished service, valour and acts of bravery.

Supportive employer

The Supportive Employer Program recognises the vital contribution employers make to the NSW RFS, especially by releasing volunteers to attend incidents and other NSW RFS activities during work hours.

Youth in the NSW RFS

Children and young people play an important role within the NSW RFS and in local communities. Many NSW RFS brigades offer junior or cadet membership for young people aged from 12 years.

Support your local brigade

Many Rural Fire Brigades conduct fundraising activities at community events, like through coin collections or BBQs. These proceeds go directly to assisting the brigade with community activities.

Volunteer Support

We aim to lessen the impact of critical incidents on all NSW Rural Fire Service members involved and offer broad mental health support.