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Film and photo requests

The NSW RFS and its volunteers receive many requests to participate in film/television/video/photographic projects, both in an on-camera capacity, as an off-camera 'behind-the-scenes' service, or to provide emergency fire protection.

Each request is considered on its merit, having regard to the potential benefits and any effect participation could have on NSW RFS response capability. More information on the film and photo requests and the NSW RFS can be found in our Filming Policy (Non-operational).

To streamline your request, a Questionnaire for Filming Agency form is available online here must be completed and submitted to RFS Media and Communications.

Please return your completed questionnaire to the email or fax contacts on the form, along with the relevant pages of script, treatment or script outline. This will provide sufficient information to NSW RFS to assess your proposal.

If your proposal progresses, we may later require:

  • evidence of Public Liability cover for minimum $20 million for any single claim
  • a 'Letter of Agreement' - a legal document signed by both parties that sets out conditions for approval of filming proposal and realisation of final product
  • a Location Agreement.

For any further information please contact the NSW RFS State Duty Media Officer on (02) 9898 1855 or