Six Foot Track Marathon fund raising


Six Foot Track Marathon is a major fund raising race to the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Services.

All proceeds from the 2018 Six Foot Track race were presented to David Jones from BMRFS.

David says that $450,000 invested in setting up the Blue Mountains Fire Control Centre Operation room.

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Significantly supported by over $300,000 in donations over the past 5 years from Six Foot Track Marathon which has also supported investments in the Ops IT and equipping volunteers brigades in the field.

They will also be looking at purchasing a third communication repeater tower to use at the Six Foot Track race day radio communications.

We salute the RFS for all their help at Six Foot Track Marathon and we Salute all runners who take part in Six Foot Track Marathon as their fees is part of the donation. Make sure you thank RFS volunteers on every aid station on the course.

Thanks to John Bowe the 2018 race director for coming out of retirement to present the cheque.

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