Winmalee Rural Fire Brigade improves skills


Winmalee Rural Fire Brigade presented certificates of thanks last month to three local organisations who have helped the brigade with training exercises.

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Blue Mountains Bus Company, St Columba’s College and the Blue Mountains Police Rescue have all supported the brigade over the last 12 months.

The brigade partnered with Blue Mountains Bus Company and St Columba’s Catholic College, Springwood for the use of their facilities for realistic training scenarios. This also allowed members to become familiar with sites should the brigade ever be required to respond to an incident at either premises.

Five new trainees improved their skills last year after completing a breathing apparatus course at St Columba’s College.

The training at Blue Mountains Bus Company involved the bus depot at Springwood.

“Crews gathered at the depot and were given a guided tour of all the types of buses used within the brigade’s area; reviewing specific hazards associated with buses for emergency responders,” said deputy captain Gavin Costello. 

“Crews were then allowed to familiarise themselves with these buses. The crews were then briefed by a driver on the actions the drivers would take in the event of an emergency. Crews were then tested by using one of the buses and filling it with fake smoke simulating a fire within the main deck of a bus.”

The brigade has also conducted training with the NSW Police Rescue Squad at Springwood where the crews were given training in land search and rescue.

Deputy captain Costello said none of the training would have been possible had it not been for the generosity of the three organisations.

“Their willingness to assist by providing expert staff and facilities to run this type of training has been commendable. Winmalee RFB took the time last month to recognise and thank those personnel who made it possible by presenting them with certificates of appreciations. This generosity not only benefits the brigade but also aids the local community by providing the brigade with realistic and relevant holistic training, putting Winmalee RFB in a better ready-to-respond state to provide assistance to its local community.”