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Plan and prepare

Farm Firewise

Farm FireWise helps NSW rural landholders prepare for and prevent bush fires. Farm FireWise helps you plan ahead to protect yourself, your family and your property from the potential impact of bush and grass fires.

Grass Fires

Grass fires spread quickly and can threaten lives, property, crops and stock. Protect yourself.

Prepare Your Animals for Bush Fire

During bush fires, people put themselves and others at risk attempting to rescue animals at the last minute. Some refuse to evacuate or go to a safe place because of concern about their animals.

Neighbourhood Safer Places

Neighbourhood Safer Places are a place of last resort during a bush fireNeighbourhood Safer Places are a place of last resort during a bush fire emergency.

They are to be used when all other options in your bush fire survival plan can't be put into action safely.

You should be aware of any Neighbourhood Safer Places in your area, and note them in your bush fire survival plan before a bush fire occurs. You should also know how to get there, as well as alternate routes in case the road is blocked or too dangerous to drive on.

Not all areas will have a Neighbourhood Safer Place. If there is no Neighbourhood Safer Place in your area, you should identify other safer locations you can go to as a last resort. This might include a nearby home which is well prepared, a shopping centre or oval which is well away from the bush.

A Neighbourhood Safer Place is designed as a Place of Last Resort in bush fire emergencies only. Please note that travelling to or sheltering at a Neighbourhood Safer Place does not guarantee your safety.

Blue Mountains Local Government Area

Title Type Location LGA
Winmalee Shopping Centre Building 14 White Cross Road, Winmalee Blue Mountains
Hazelbrook Shops Rear Car Park Open Space 194 Great Western Highway, Hazelbrook Blue Mountains
Lawson Bowling Club Building 2 Loftus Street, Lawson Blue Mountains
Glenbrook Anglican Church Building 1 Wascoe Street, Glenbrook Blue Mountains
The Garden Open Space 267 Great Western Highway, Blackheath Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub Building 106-108 Macquarie Road, Springwood Blue Mountains
Glenbrook School of Arts Building 2 Ross Street, Glenbrook Blue Mountains
Station Street Mall Open Space Station Street, Blaxland Blue Mountains
Oasis Nursery - Canteen Building Building 244 Singles Ridge Road, Yellow Rock Blue Mountains
Christ Church Anglican Hall (Adjacent Springwood Anglican Church) Building 345 Great Western Highway, Springwood Blue Mountains
Woodford Presbyterian Church Building 88-89 Great Western Highway, Woodford Blue Mountains
Leura Mall Car Park Open Space Megalong Street, Leura Blue Mountains
Springwood Sports Club Building Corner of Hawkesbury Road and Macquarie Road, Springwood Blue Mountains
Faulconbridge Public School Hall Building Corner of Grose Road and Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge Blue Mountains
Wentworth Falls Bowling Club Building Corner of Falls Road and Great Western Highway, Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains
Pitt Park Open Space Matcham Avenue, Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains City Church Building Corner of Elizabeth Road and Rusden Road, Mount Riverview Blue Mountains
Blaxland Uniting Church Building Old Bathurst Road, Blaxland Blue Mountains
Lennox Park Open Space Matthew Parade, Blaxland Blue Mountains
Springwood Country Club Building Hawkesbury Road, Springwood Blue Mountains
Hazelbrook Uniting Church Building 1 Rosedale Avenue, Hazelbrook Blue Mountains
Mid Mountains Community Centre Building 7 New Street, Lawson Blue Mountains
Mount Victoria Park Open Space 2 Station Street, Mount Victoria Blue Mountains
Blackheath Oval Open Space Leichhardt Street, Blackheath Blue Mountains
Katoomba Public School Oval Open Space Waratah Street, Katoomba Blue Mountains
Portion of Leura Golf Course Open Space Intersection of Fitzroy Street and Chambers Road, Leura Blue Mountains
Whitton Park Open Space Moore Street, Glenbrook Blue Mountains
Megalong Tea Rooms Car Park Open Space Megalong Road, Megalong Valley Blue Mountains
Pioneer Place Car Park Open Space Waratah Street, Katoomba Blue Mountains
Melrose Park Open Space Corner of Camp and Albion Streets, Katoomba Blue Mountains
Council Chambers and Car Park Open Space Station Street, Katoomba Blue Mountains