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Fire Safety

It is your responsibility to prepare yourself, your family and your home for the threat of bush fire. You need to make the decision to either leave early or stay and defend a well prepared property.

Regardless of your decision you must prepare your property to give yourself and your home the best chance of survival. By understanding your own level of risk you will be better able to make the right decision for you and your family.

The Bush Fire Household Assessment Tool and the Bush Fire Survival Plan will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and the appropriate preparations.

To help rural landholders prepare for and prevent bush fires, the RFS has developed Farm FireWise.

FireWise is a philosophy used by the RFS to engage the community about fire and fire safety.

The FireWise program is coordinated by specifically trained RFS members. Information and advice is available on bush fire behaviour, personal safety and identifying potential hazards and the different ways of treating them.

FireWise activities are about increasing awareness, affecting attitudes and changing behaviour, and include:

  • Farm Firewise
  • Community FireWise groups
  • Individual property assessments
  • Street Meeting and Street Walks
  • Static Water Supply (SWS)
  • Community meetings
  • Kids FireWise

The RFS has an extensive range of printed and downloadable Fire Safety publications available, including student and teacher resources covering pre-school, primary (K to Year 6) and secondary (Year 7 to Year 12).

RFS brigades and volunteers regularly participate in community events to promote fire safety to the wider community.

If at any time you see an uncontrolled fire in the open ring 000 (Triple Zero)

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