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Fire Control Centres District Offices

RFS staff in local Fire Control Centres (FCC), or district offices, assist volunteers and brigades to prepare for and respond to operational incidents.

The RFS has fire management responsibilities for over 95 per cent of the landmass of the State.

These responsibilities are effectively discharged through over 140 Rural Fire Districts which are generally based on local government boundaries.

In some areas, neighbouring rural fire districts have agreed to pool resources, joining together both operationally and administratively to form zones. This process of zoning enables cost effective use of resources and skills.

A FCC forms the administrative and operational base of the rural fire district or zone.

The coordination and management of local brigade responses to fire and other incidents – including natural disasters, motor vehicle accidents and other civil emergencies – is undertaken through the FCC.

RFS operations officers in FCCs manage and implement the fire fighting and other emergency responses of rural fire brigades and other resources.

The operations officer:

  • ensures a high state of operational readiness of brigades
  • establishes and maintains command and control of incidents and communication systems
  • advises on fleet and personal protective equipment requirements
  • coordinates the prescribed burning program
  • liaises with the RFS Headquarters Operational Customer Service Centre, Regional Duty Operations Officer and State Duty Operations Officer.
  • maintains knowledge of current and forecast weather conditions
  • monitors significant fire activity for the escalation of fires from class 1 to class 2
  • notify the local Bush Fire Management Committee for the escalation to class 3 to recommend an appointment of an incident controller
  • provide advice on the fuel state of the area to assist with declaration of Total Fire Bans
  • disseminate special warnings to all personnel.

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