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Our volunteer firefighters are the backbone of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

When a group of volunteers band together as a dedicated group serving their community they form a rural fire brigade.

There are over 2,100 rural fire brigades in NSW made up of about 72,000 volunteers who provide emergency services to over 95 percent of NSW.

Brigades fulfill the incident response role of the RFS and these unpaid members of the Service provide the people of NSW with this essential emergency service.

Brigades and the volunteers who form them attend grass, scrub and bush fires, building fires, motor, rail and aircraft accidents, take part in search and rescue situations and assist at storm and flood events.

Most emergencies that occur in rural fire districts will be attended by a rural fire brigade as either the lead agency or a support agency.

The number of brigades in each district varies depending on population densities, the number of properties and other assets needing protection, and geography.

Rural fire brigades are often based in local stations, which house firefighting vehicles, equipment and sometimes catering and communications areas.

The stations are a local meeting point during emergencies as well as being the focus of training and social activities for volunteers at quieter times.

Brigades consist of a Captain, supported by several Deputy Captains who are responsible for coordinating members to carry out the tasks required.

If more than one brigade is involved in an incident, a Group Officer may coordinate the various teams in attendance.

Each brigade has a constitution and most are registered as a charity. The administration of the brigade is usually carried out by the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, assisted by members.

For more information about rural fire brigades, contact your local Fire Control Centre.

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