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Prepare. Act. Survive. for bush fire season

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Bush fires are a natural part of the Australian environment and occur regularly, but many people fail to prepare for them.

When threatened by bush fires, people will often leave it too late to make critical decisions and often have few safe options left.

That’s why you need to PREPARE. ACT. SURVIVE.

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You must make important decisions before the fire season starts.

  • Your Bush Fire Survival Plan is one of the best ways to help improve the safety of you and your family before the impact of, or during a bush fire.
  • Preparation is not just about cleaning up around the house and having a plan. It is also about making sure you consider your physical, mental and emotional preparedness. Prepare yourself and your family for bush fires.

  • Regardless of your decision to Leave Early or Stay and Defend, you still need to prepare your property against the threat of a bush fire.

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The higher the fire danger rating, the more dangerous the conditions.

  • Part of knowing what to do is knowing the Bush Fire Danger Ratings.
    The Fire Danger Ratings should be your first trigger for activating your Bush Fire Survival Plan. The safety of you, your family and your home may depend on it.
  • During periods of increased fire danger and when there is a bush fire in your area, it’s important that you stay up to date.

    Information can be found in a variety of places and formats. For more details on what information is available visit our Information during bush fires page.

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Fires may threaten without warning so you need to know what you will do to survive.


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