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What to do if fire approaches

Be Aware of Fire in your Area

Bushfire season is a time for everyone, particularly those in bushfire prone areas, to exercise care and caution - every year houses, land and workplaces in NSW are threatened by bushfire.

Be aware of bushfires in your area. Make sure you:

  • watch the weather
  • monitor the radio for news of a fire’s progress
  • organise yourself well in advance and pre-pack in case of relocation
  • dress in protective clothing
  • drink water frequently.

Being well prepared in advance, knowing what to do when bushfire threatens and understanding safety in a bushfire situation are vitally important in what can be, literally, a life or death situation.

This section of our website contains valuable information about how to respond to a bushfire on the day. To help you do so, the NSW RFS has created a range of Fact Sheets and Checklists in conjunction with the NSW Fire Brigades, the ACT Rural Fire Service and the ACT Fire Brigade:

The RFS has many other PDF publications available for residents living in a bushfire prone area; about home fire safety; and about building in a bushfire prone area:

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