New thermal imaging cameras and buoy wall dams for NSW RFS volunteers


The NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund Trust (DGR Trust) allocated $638,036 of NSW RFS DGR Fund donations to purchase and supply Thermal Imaging Cameras and Buoy Wall Dams to the Service on 29 April this year.

To provide a further update on the procurement and distributions actions, on behalf of my fellow Trustees I am delighted to report the following:

  • 48 Thermal Imaging Cameras were ordered on the 29 May, and due to the number procured a lead time of six weeks was expected. The cameras have been delivered to a central warehouse and are now ready for distribution, based on one camera to each District.
  • Each District was further contacted regarding Buoy Wall Dam sizes required and revised quantity due to the 4 options provided. The breakdown of units at an overview levels are:
  • Region North (11 x 18,000L dams);
  • Region East (1 x 4,500L dam & 8 x 18,000L dams);
  • Region South (2 x 7,000L dams & 7 x 11,000L dams & 1 x 18,000L dam);
  • Region West (13 x 18,000L dams).

To further emphasise the wonderful relationship between the Service and the DGR Trust, there were two districts who had sought an alternate product as they believed they were well equipped in relation to Buoy Wall Dams. Negotiations enabled these two districts to be provided with new trailer mounted variable messaging signs funded through the Service's budget.

With the Service and the Trust enabling this request, Region West was advised that their total allocation would not change hence a number of their districts utilised the opportunity to purchase an additional two Wall Dams utilising the allocated DGR funds.

Again, on behalf of the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund Trust, Member Brigades and the NSW Rural Fire Service, I sincerely express our gratitude to the People of NSW, other States of our Nation and people residing overseas who gave so generously by way of gifts and donations to the NSW Rural Fire Service during 2013 / 2014.

Glenn Wall.
Chair – NSW RFS & Brigades Donations Fund Trust