Seniors Week


Seniors Week runs from Sunday 18 March to Sunday 25 March 2012, with the theme of 'Live Life'.

Did you know that by 2051, people aged 65 or over will make up nearly a quarter of Australia's population? Many will be living in the community in their own homes alone.

Fire safety is critical for seniors.

The NSW Rural Fire Service encourages all seniors, as well as their family members or carers, to consider fire safety during Seniors Week.

The NSW RFS and its partner agencies have a range of information available:

bush fire survival plan

Everyone should have a bush fire survival plan, so you know what to do if there's a bush, grass or scrub fire. Remember - leaving early is your safest option, especially if you feel you can't stay and defend during a fire. Download a bush fire survival plan today.

AIDER program

The NSW Rural Fire Service runs the Assist Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents (AIDER) program. This free, one-off service helps people who need assistance in thinning vegetation, removing leaves or sticks, trimming branches and cleaning gutters. Learn more about the program here.

Fire safety at home

There are some simple steps that seniors, carers and families can take to improve fire safety at home, like checking and maintaining smoke alarms, never overloading powerpoints and not placing clothing near heaters.

If you're a senior and need further assistance, talk to your carer, family or support network. You can also contact your local fire station or Fire Control Centre for advice.