NSW RFS trainers upskilling for task ahead


More than 150 NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) trainers and industry experts will converge at the bi-annual NSW RFS Learning and Development Forum in Dubbo this weekend.

NSW RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said that developing the skills of NSW RFS trainers was essential, with 20,000 NSW RFS members undertaking a wide range of training each year.

"NSW RFS members train regularly in order to prepare for the many and varied types of incidents they face," Commissioner Fitzsimmons said.

"Having a well informed and skilled team of trainers across the State ensures that our members get the critical skills needed to serve their communities safely and effectively.

"Collaboration between our training teams and emergency service leaders provides an opportunity for the trainers to be trained and to build on their skills in order to provide the best possible training to our members."

Along with sharing their experiences and insights about training in a time critical environment, NSW RFS members will share first-hand experiences of others, including those of guest speakers Jon Byrne from Ambulance Victoria and Lester Davis from the Australian safety training industry.

Other sessions that the trainers will attend include:

›   Developing capability through training

›   Simulation and online training developments

›   Supporting learners with specific needs

›   Linking learning from the fire season to training.

All members of the NSW Rural Fire Service receive nationally recognised training and qualifications. To find out more about joining the NSW RFS visit www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

The NSW RFS Learning and Development Forum will be held in Dubbo from 15 - 17 August.

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