Praise for MIA District with $8,000 for new equipment


Local firefighters are celebrating the announcement of new equipment that will help increase community protection around Leeton, the MIA and surrounding communities.

Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant visited the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Fivebough station today to congratulate MIA District volunteers and staff for providing outstanding service and to present a grant for a new thermal imaging camera.

Mr Grant said the NSW Government is proud to support the RFS and hoped that this new cutting-edge technology would assist volunteers for years to come.

“This valuable new piece of equipment is worth over $8,000; but to the staff, volunteers and the communities they protect, it is a priceless asset,” Mr Grant said

“The new camera will allow for the very active Fivebough Brigade to see hidden fire hot spots and be better prepared to respond.

“I trust this new Thermal Imaging Camera will be put to good use, and that it will better protect volunteers from dangerous unseen hazards.”

NSW RFS District Coordinator Inspector Jason Wall said the camera will help to identify areas where fires are burning in locations such as underground, hay stacks and structures.

“Embers may be lodged in these places and reignite after firefighters have left. This tool will assist in identifying and dealing with these risks.

“MIA District NSW RFS volunteers and staff provide the highest standard of support to the community,” Inspector Wall said.

“It is a fantastic day for members of this brigade to be receiving this grant for new equipment.”

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