Queen's Birthday Honours recognise Police and Emergency Services across NSW


A Detective Superintendent who has led investigations into serious crimes including the Milperra massacre and Cronulla Riots, a veteran State Emergency Service (SES) volunteer who has responded to bushfires, landslides and tornados, and a NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) captain with 60 years’ service, are just some of the first responders honoured today in the Queen’s Birthday list.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said the Queen’s Birthday long weekend was an appropriate time to give credit to 25 men and women in uniform by awarding them the Australian Police Medal, Australian Fire Services Medal or Emergency Services Medal.

The recipients include a veteran of the NSW Police Force, Detective Superintendent Murray James Reynolds, who joined in 1974 and has held a variety of leadership roles. Detective Superintendent Reynolds has played instrumental roles in the Milperra Massacre investigation task force and Strike Force Enoggera (Cronulla Riots). He was also the Crime Manager for the Redfern Police Area Command, where he worked to strengthen the partnerships between local police and Indigenous youth.

NSW RFS Captain Frank Austin joined the Mundarlo Rural Fire Brigade in 1960 and has been an active member for 60 years. Captain Austin remains an active firefighter and was part of an out of area strike team fighting fires in the Tumut and Tai Bingo regions of the Kosciusko National Park during the 2018-19 bushfire season.

NSW SES Unit Commander Michelle Jenkins has been an integral part of state emergency response during her 28 years’ service. She has responded to natural disasters of all kinds, from the disastrous 1994 fires to the 1997 Thredbo Landslide and 2015 Kurnell Tornado

“Day after day, these 25 brave men and women put a uniform on and go to work protecting the community from harm. These medals are some of the highest honours available to members and are proof of the first-class service provided to NSW by the best police force and emergency services agencies in the world,” Mr Elliott said.

“The past year as perhaps been the busiest and most tragic year ever for our police emergency services fraternity in NSW. Police, volunteer and salaried emergency services workers alike have shouldered the burden of the State’s worst fire season, floods, droughts, and a global pandemic. They don’t go to work or volunteer for awards and accolades, but it is important we recognise the enormous contribution they make towards community safety.”

The recipients for the Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List are:

Australia Police Medal

  • Chief Inspector Nicole Louise Bruce
  • Detective Superintendent Daniel Robert Emmett Doherty
  • Sergeant Jeffrey Ronald Farmer
  • Detective Chief Inspector Peter John Faux
  • Superintendent Stephen Gregory Hegarty
  • Chief Inspector John Klepczarek
  • Sergeant Ian Cameron Miller
  • Detective Superintendent Murray James Reynolds
  • Detective Chief Inspector Gregory James William Thomas

Public Service Medal

  • John Morahan

Australian Fire Services Medal

  • Frank Austin, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Kenneth Mark Eglington, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • John Andrew Foster, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Terrence John Job, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Kenneth James Hall, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Peter Miranda, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Michael Bernard Neyland, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Christopher Allen Sharp, NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Morgan Cook, Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Mark Dobson, Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Dennis Henry, Fire and Rescue NSW
  • David Hitchcock, Fire and Rescue NSW

Emergency Services Medal

  • Michelle Elizabeth Jenkins, NSW State Emergency Service
  • Ronald James Calman, Marine Rescue NSW
  • Glenn Martin Sullivan, Marine Rescue NSW
  • Ross Constable, Marine Rescue NSW

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