Young NSW RFS Volunteers Honoured


The achievements of young members of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) have been recognised today with the announcement of two Young Volunteers of the Year and the NSW Secondary School Cadet of the Year.

The achievements of young members of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) have been recognised today with the announcement of two Young Volunteers of the Year and the NSW Secondary School Cadet of the Year.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said the award program is an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable role young people play in the NSW emergency services.

“I am pleased to announce the 2021 Young Volunteer of the Year recipients are Tim Hearn of Llandilo Brigade (Cumberland District) and Lahvynnia Low from Bathurst Brigade (Chifley District), while the Secondary School Cadet of the Year for 2021 is Nathan Hindmarsh from Braidwood Central School/Krawarree Brigade,” Mr Elliott said.

“These exceptional young people have been recognised for their outstanding participation and achievements in the NSW RFS, and they are all great examples of enthusiastic young people who have devoted their time to helping protect their communities.

“I congratulate this year’s winners, thank them for their contribution to the NSW community and wish them all well in their future endeavours. I also thank the teachers, cadet coordinators and RFS volunteers who dedicate their time to train and mentor young people,” Mr Elliott said.

NSW RFS Commissioner Rob Rogers said it was encouraging to see the engagement and commitment of young people in emergency-service volunteering.

“The effort and enthusiasm of young members in the NSW RFS is significant and these awards acknowledge their hard work, camaraderie and community participation,” Commissioner Rogers said.

“These young people have demonstrated the commitment and enthusiasm that ensure our great volunteer emergency service will go from strength to strength in coming years and I congratulate each of them on their well-deserved awards.”

NSW RFS Young Volunteer of the Year Awards

Tim Hearn (16 – 25 years)

Tim joined Llandilo Brigade (Cumberland District) as a respectful and eager Junior Member at 12 years of age, and over the next 12 years has grown into an outstanding and valuable member of the Brigade. As a former Junior Member, Tim has been highly involved with a strong Junior Member program at the Brigade, acting as the Junior Member Coordinator taking a team to the 2019 Australian Fire Cadet Championships. Tim, along with other brigade members, have been pivotal in a strong increase in Junior Membership in the Brigade.

Tim was nominated for this award not only for his diligent service to his brigade, the Cumberland District and the community, but also for his outstanding commitment during the 2019/20 fire season under incredible personal adversity. For a young man of only 24 years of age, Tim performed his duties with distinction, showing immense strength of character and dedication.

Tim has been a loyal and trustworthy Deputy Captain of the Brigade and was a stable foundation for other senior members of the brigade during a difficult time. He is a young firefighter of the highest moral character and the embodiment of the standards and ideals of the NSW RFS, now and into the future.

Lahvynnia Low (12 – 15 years)

Lahvynnia Low joined the Bathurst Brigade (Chifley District) in October 2017 and has become a valued and respected member due to her pleasant, enthusiastic and reliable nature.

Lahvynnia is always willing to lend a hand and has become a valuable member of the Brigade due to involvement in regular brigade training, community engagement activities, meetings and fundraising. She was an asset to the Chifley team during the Gospers Mountain fire where she volunteered whenever possible, and assisted with night logistics at the Fire Control Centre. She is active in mentoring new Junior Members in the Brigade by providing information on training activities, and passing on her knowledge of equipment and facility maintenance and other Brigade functions.

Despite many challenges, Lahvynnia is dedicated to her role in the Service, and can be relied upon to represent the Brigade when called upon. She actively welcomes all new members into the Brigade, and continues to show dedication beyond her years. She has a bright future in the Service.

Secondary School Cadet Program Cadet of the Year Award

Nathan Hindmarsh

Throughout the Secondary School Cadet Program at Braidwood Central School, Nathan was a positive, consistent and encouraging role model for his peers.

Nathan is a Junior Member in Krawarree Brigade in the Lake George District, and despite his own challenging experiences of the 2019/20 bush fire season, was able to willingly support, comfort and care for his peers which allowed him to grow in confidence and develop his leadership abilities.

Despite having more extensive knowledge than his fellow students, he constantly showed enthusiasm to deepen his knowledge and skills and those of the other students in the group. When undertaking practical exercises, Nathan would help the other students with how to work with the equipment and give advice on how to improve their technique.

Nathan is an enthusiastic and active member of his Brigade and provided valuable support during the 2019/20 fire season. He is also active in the school community where he is regularly involved in numerous activities as a member of the Student Representative Council.

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