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Fires Near Me NSW is changing

Around 4 million people have downloaded FIres Near Me, making it a trusted source of emergency information.

Shortly the app will be upgraded and expanded to show information and warnings about floods in NSW, and be called 'Hazards Near Me NSW'.

If you already have Fires Near Me on your device, you'll need to update your app to keep using it. Keep an eye out for notifications to let you know when.

Stay up to date

It's important you stay up to date before, during and after bush fires and other emergencies. To help, the NSW RFS provides information and warnings through a range of channels.

Fires Near Me website
Information and warnings about bush fires and other incidents attended by the NSW RFS
Fires Near Me page
Fires Near Me NSW smartphone app
A mobile application on iOS and Android to help you stay up to date on bush fires in your area

Download for iOS devices

Download for Android devices

Fires Near Me Australia smartphone app
Providing fire information from participating fire and emergency service authorities across Australia

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Download for Android devices

NSW RFS on social media
Information about NSW RFS incidents, events and activities

NSW RFS Facebook

NSW RFS Twitter


NSW RFS Instagram

Fires Near Me NSW help

What does the map show?

The map shows a number of different things, including:

Burnt area - this is the last mapped area of the fire, shown as a grey outline on the map. Fires are mapped regularly but this does not show a live status of the fire, as it may have moved.

Icons - the different coloured icons mean different alert levels of Advice, Watch and Act, and Emergency Warning. Find out more about the alert levels and what do. A white diamond is an incident that does not have an alert level, such as another type of fire, or one where firefighter are still on their way.

Watch zones - if you've set up a watch zone, this will be shown as a small blue icon with bionoculars.

How do I set a ‘Watch Zone”

There are three ways to set a watch zone.

Hold down on the map – select your location and tap ‘Add Watch Zone’.

In the menu – select ‘My Watch Zones’ and select ‘Add a new Watch Zone’.

Search from the map – tap the search button at the top of the screen, enter an address and select ‘Add Watch Zone’.

You can also select a radius to keep watch on. This means you’ll receive notifications for that distance from the location you drop the pin.

Remember – if the watch zone is larger, you’re likely to receive more notifications. A smaller watch zone may mean you receive less notifications but you may not be notified about incidents that are moving quickly.

What sort of notifications will I receive?

Once you’ve set a watch zone, you may receive notifications such as:

  • A new fire in your watch zone
  • A fire spreading into your watch zone
  • A fire’s alert level increasing, indicating an increased danger
  • When there is new information about a major fire which may be important to your safety
  • Other notifications, such as important messages about fire danger or activity

How many ‘Watch Zones’ can I have?

You can set up to ten watch zones.

Once I’ve set up a watch zone, can I share it to my other device?

At this stage, you’re unable to share your watch zones to other devices. This is a feature we’re considering for the future.

For now, you will need to recreate a watch zone on other devices.

Do I have to delete my current app to install the new one?

No. Simply update your application in the App Store or Google Play store.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes. However if you turn off notifications, you will not receive any messages including emergency notifications or Emergency Warnings.

I’m receiving too many notifications. What should I do?

Notifications are sent to users based on a number of conditions, such as when a new incident is reported, when it moves into a watch zone, or when there’s a change to the information in our system.

This means some users may receive notifications several times.

If you’re receiving too many notifications, please don’t turn off notifications. You might want to consider having a smaller watch zone to reduce the area you’re keeping watch on.

Why am I receiving notifications for incidents outside my area?

From time to time, we may send a notification to all users of the app, for incidents or conditions which are affecting a large number of people. We do this to alert as many people as possible and as quickly as possible.

Will it give me info from other states?

The app shows information about incidents near the border of NSW with other states. You can then check the relevant website for information and warnings about that incident.

I live in the ACT. Will I be told about fires in my area?

Yes. The app shows incidents from the ACT Emergency Services Agency. You can set a watch zone for the ACT. Depending on the distance you set, you may also receive information about fires in NSW.

Will I receive information on total fire bans?

The application will send you a notification each morning if there’s a total fire in one of your watch zones.

How do I find the fire danger rating for my area?

You can find the fire danger rating for your area through the menu of the application.

I can’t download the application to my device. What can I do?

The application is available only on iOS and Android devices.

Available on the iPhone App Store logoDownload for Android Google Play Store Logo

As technology and features change, your device may become out of date depending on its age.

If you have an out of date device, or a device other an iOS or Android, you can still access fire information through our Fires Near Me page and setting it as a bookmark or icon on your device, giving you many of the features of the application.

A fire hasn’t been updated for some time. Is there a problem?

The application shows the last time information was refreshed at the bottom of the screen.

Each incident also has a timestamp showing the last time the information was updated.

Incidents at Emergency Warning level are updated frequently. Incidents at Watch and Act are updated several times throughout the day, or as the situation changes.

Some incidents, such as those at Advice or which have been burning for some time but not causing any threat, may be updated less frequently.

We aim to provide information as frequently as possible, based on the information being provided by firefighters attending the incident.

Can I check road closure information?

For road information check

I’m not seeing any incidents displayed. Is there a problem?

If you’re not seeing any incidents, check your internet connection. The app needs an internet connection to get data.

If you’re still not seeing incidents, check that you have the correct version of the application.

We've recently updated the app, so it's important to check that you have the right app installed.

Firstly, delete the app from your device.

Then, download the correct version from here.


Android -

Other applications

We support a number of other smartphone applications which can be helpful during bush fires and other emergency incidents.

Emergency+ Smartphone App

A smartphone application to help you identify your location when calling Triple Zero for assistance during an emergency.

Available on the iPhone App Store logoDownload for Android Google Play Store logo

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