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New Stage 3 Geography

The new syllabus

In 2016, the NSW Department of Education introduced the study of bush fire into the syllabus for all Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) students. The syllabus states that students must study a contemporary bush fire event. They are also encouraged to use an inquiry-based approach to learning.

This is a great opportunity for children and young people to better understand the impacts of natural hazards and bush fire specifically and the NSW RFS is keen to support students and teachers in this study.

Tools for inquiry learning

The Stage 3 Geography syllabus asks the question: How can the impact of bush fires on people and places be reduced?

NSW Department of Education syllabus suggests two area of inquiry for Stage 3 students: Study a contemporary bush fire event and Making a Bush Fire Survival Plan. These two areas of inquiry have been specifically addressed in this website. We have chosen the complex of fires in October 2013 as the contemporary bush fire event.

Best practice case study

The St Ives North Public School in northern suburbs of Sydney, introduced the study of bush fire in 2016 and called upon the NSW RFS as content experts throughout their study. This is an example of excellent collaboration between a school and the NSW RFS. The following four minute video features the students, teachers and firefighters involved.

We had massive Ideas: Students finding solutions to bush fire problems