Catastrophic fire danger forecast for Blue Mountains Saturday 21st December 2019


On Saturday 21st December NSW will experience very dangerous fire conditions, with Catastrophic fire danger forecast for Greater Sydney, including the blue Mountains, Illawarra / Shoalhaven and Southern Ranges

Lives and homes will be at risk. A Total Fire Ban is in place for the whole of the state.

People in areas of Catastrophic fire danger should avoid bush fire prone areas and identify safe locations in their area such as large towns, cities and shopping centres.

The Fire Danger Ratings are being constantly monitored and may change throughout the day.

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If I'm in an area of Catastrophic Fire Danger, what should I do?

Remember. Catastrophic is the highest level of bush fire danger. If there is a fire, you will be at risk.

  • Avoid bush fire prone areas. This means areas of bushland or grasslands where a fire could spread.
  • A safer area might be a large town or city, shopping centres or facilities that are well away from bushland areas.
  • Avoid traveling through high risk areas. Don't be caught on foot or in a car during a fire.
  • Identified high risk schools will be closed on days of Catastrophic fire danger. Schools will notify parents and carers. Start making arrangements now.
  • If you are unable to leave, identify a safer location which may be nearby. This may include a cleared area away from bushland, or a Neighbourhood Safer Place.

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