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Fire Danger Ratings

The Fire Danger Rating gives you an indication of the consequences of a fire, if a fire was to start.

The rating is based on predicted conditions such as the forecast temperature, humidity, wind and dryness of the landscape. It tells you how a bush fire may act, what impacts there might be on the community if a bush fire were to start and when to implement your Bush Fire Survival Plan.

The higher the fire danger rating, the more dangerous the conditions. Keep informed and be ready to act.

Find the Fire Danger Rating for your area.


For your survival, leaving early is the only option.
Leave bush fire prone areas the night before or early in the day – do not just wait and see what happens.
Make a decision about when you will leave, where you will go, how you will get there and when you will return.
Homes are not designed to withstand fires in catastrophic conditions so you should leave early.


Leaving early is the safest option for your survival.

If you are not prepared to the highest level,
leave early in the day.
Only consider staying if you are prepared to the highest level – such as your home is specially designed, constructed or modified, and situated to withstand a fire, you are well prepared and can actively defend it if a fire starts.


Leaving early is the safest option for your survival.
Well prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety – but only stay if you are physically and mentally prepared to defend in these conditions.
If you’re not prepared, leave early in the day.


Review your Bush Fire Survival Plan with your family.
Keep yourself informed and monitor conditions.
Be ready to act if necessary.



The higher the Fire Danger Rating the more severe the consequences could be for you and your family. As the fire danger increases so does the likelihood that people will die or be injured if a fire was to start.

On Catastrophic days, no properties in areas where a bush fire can start will be defendable. Some fires burn so intensely that not even specially designed and constructed homes will be safe.

Severe, Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger Ratings mean a fire will be unpredictable, uncontrollable and very fast moving. This means that you may have little or no warning about the threat of a bush fire. You need to make sure you keep yourself informed and be ready to put your plan into action.

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