NSW RFS Connect

NSW RFS Connect is about keeping you connected to the Service, connected to one another - especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. Every month, you can tune in to a broadcast of NSW RFS Connect, which include live Q&A sessions.

You can watch previous episodes of NSW RFS Connect here and check out our collection of health and wellbeing fact sheets and resources below.

Tune in to NSW RFS Connect Live

Join us for the next edition at 7pm on Wednesday 15 December 2021 as we wrap up 2021 with a live Q&A with Commissioner Rob Rogers.

Tune in on the Facebook member group or at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/connect. Need a reminder? Sign up here for a handy text before each episode of NSW RFS Connect.

In the meantime, catch up on the last episode which had an update  from Freemans Reach Brigade who moved into their new station recently, the latest advice on Santa Runs and news on how our aviation capabilities have improved ready for this season.

Wellbeing Resources

Working Remotely

Working from an alternative location, such as home? Find tips on how to make the change, as well as managing teams and workloads.

Mental Wellbeing

Advice on managing your own mental health and wellbeing, including relaxation techniques and tools you can use.

Physical Wellbeing

Look after your health and physical wellbeing while you're at home, with these exercises, techniques and tips.

Supporting Children and Families

Watch out for the health and welfare of those around you, including resources especially designed for kids.