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Draft Community Protection Plans

Central Tilba Community Protection Plan

Draft maps for the Central Tilba community protection plan are available for review.

These maps have been developed as part of the Central Tilba community protection plan for improved bush fire management in the estate adjoining Central Tilba.

Increasing the knowledge of residents and property owners to the threat posed by bush fires improves community and fire fighter preparedness. The more prepared a community, the better it can respond to, and recover from bush fire.

A community protection plan provides easy-to-understand information, relevant and specific to the community, and focuses on locally agreed plans that tailor bush fire safety to the location, and the needs of the community. Interest and input from residents is integral in this process.

The community protection plan consists of three maps:

  • the Bush Fire Survival Map that highlights information necessary for community survival;
  • the Bush Fire Preparation Map identifies agreed and proposed bush fire mitigation works to protect the community; and
  • the Operational Brigade Map which shows locations of assets and hazards so fire fighters can make informed decisions about protecting the community.

A community protection plan also provides a chance to work together to prevent bush fire, and/or minimise the intensity of any bush fires which do start.

The Far South Coast Bush Fire Management Committee encourages landowners and residents to provide feedback on these maps as part of their development.

If you know someone who has not been involved in this process so far, please forward the link to this page and encourage them to review it and comment if they have feedback.

Comments can be made by contacting Matthew Ross on 4472 0600 or Chris Anderson on 6494 7400, or by emailing

The opportunity to comment remains open until 31 May 2022.