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Fact sheets

We produce a wide variety of fact sheets, including fact sheets on bush fire safety, land management, communities at risk, tourism and recreation, home fire safety and farm fire safety.

A variety of our fact sheets are available in languages other than English on our translated fact sheets page.

Bush fire safety for campers and bushwalkers

Prepare an escape plan. If caught in a bush fire you may die.

Bush fire safety for travellers

Bush fires can occur quickly and without warning. There are important things you can do to reduce your risk from a bush fire while travelling away from your home.

Fire Safety for Your Pets

Planning for pets and animals is an important part of your household’s bush fire preparations.

4 Simple Steps To Prepare For Bush Fire

Follow these four simple steps to ensure you and your family know what actions you will take should a bush fire threaten.

Grass Fires

Grass fires spread quickly and can threaten lives, property, crops and stock. Protect yourself.

Lighting a fire - Quick Facts

A quick guide to your responsibilities when lighting a fire or undertaking activities that may result in a fire.

Engaging a Contractor to Burn

Community Protection Plans

Community Protection Plans are designed to support residents to make informed decisions and be prepared for bush fires.

Firefighting and Water Replacement

Water replacement may be provided during or after a bush fire emergency to livestock owners, crop and produce growers.

Harvest Fires

Assist rural landholders and farmers make the right decisions about harvesting operations and to reduce the risk of fires starting and spreading.

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