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Tenders and contracts

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) utilises the NSW Government tenders website for advertising of all tenders.

Companies or persons wishing to tender for NSW RFS business should make themselves aware of our Policies in relation to conduct and behaviour:

Disclosure of information

Disclosure of tender and contract information NSW Premier's Department Ministerial Memorandum 2007-01 determines what, how and when specific information about government tenders and contracts is disclosed to the public and what information should remain confidential.

The following guidelines have been adopted by NSW RFS for all tenders/contracts:

  • All opportunities and disclosed tender award outcomes must be advertised on the NSW Government tenders website.
  • All public tenders/contracts for goods and services over $150,000 in value, including GST, must be advertised on the NSW Government tenders website.
  • Routine public disclosure information must be placed on the NSW Government tenders website within 60 days of the tender/contract becoming effective.
  • Tenders/Contracts must remain on the NSW Government tenders website for 30 days, or until the project is completed.

Registration of interest

Suppliers should register their interest in a NSW RFS Contract or Tender by creating a profile and login on the NSW Government tenders website.

Should you require further information on NSW RFS Contracts and Tenders please email

Statewide registration of heavy plant contractors

The NSW RFS is seeking suitable and experienced plant contractors to register their interest in being engaged for Fire Work and/or being invited to quote on Non-Fire Work.

Types of heavy plant that are of interest to the NSW RFS are:

  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators - mulching booms/grabs
  • Loaders/backhoes/compact loaders
  • Low loaders(floats)
  • Bulk Water Carriers (water carts) Motor graders
  • Forestry harvesters/Skidders/Skidgines
  • Tractors - mulching/plough/slasher/reach mower
  • Vibratory drum and pad rollers
  • Bulk refuelling tankers

For more information visit our registration of heavy plant contractors page.