Climate overview February to April 2015‏


 The Bureau of Meteorology has released its climate forecast for February to April 2015.

Climate outlook overview

  • February to April is more likely to be drier than normal over most of WA and across large parts of the eastern mainland States (to the west of the divide).
  • For the month of February, most of Australia has a moderate to strong chance of a drier than normal month. This signal persists across much of the country in March.
  • February to April shows an increased chance of warmer than normal days over WA, parts of SA, and much of Queensland and NSW.
  • Night-time temperatures for the three months are more likely to be warmer than normal over most of WA, western SA, and areas of both Queensland and NSW. Cooler than normal nights are favoured in an area to the south of the Top End of the NT.
  • Climate influences include some residual warmth in the tropical Pacific Ocean, and a warm central Indian Ocean.

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