Climate overview April to June 2015‏


  The Bureau of Meteorology has released its climate forecast for April to June 2015.

Climate outlook overview

  • April to June is likely to be wetter than normal over most of the Australian mainland, outside of the tropics. The tip of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland is likely to be drier. Elsewhere, the chances of a wetter or drier season are roughly equal.
  • For April, large parts of the mainland are likely to be wetter than normal, with northeastern parts having a roughly equal chance of a wetter or drier month.
  • For April to June, warmer than normal days are likely over the tropical north, parts of southeastern Australia, and the far southwest of WA. Daytime temperatures across parts of western and central WA, extending into western SA are likely to be cooler than normal.
  • Night-time temperatures for the season are highly likely to be warmer than normal over most of Australia.
  • The major climate influence for the season ahead is the warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean and that surrounding much of the Australian coastline. In the tropical Pacific, further warming is expected, with the Bureau's climate outlook model suggesting El Niño is likely during the latter part of the outlook period.

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