DECCA FIRE: A tough fight

DECCA FIRE: A tough fight


Cowra Guardian

The Decca Fire near Grabine has been contained overnight, with crews still working to extinguish the last remnants of the fire.

Media liaison for the Upper Lachlan RFS Peter Dyce said weather conditions overnight allowed firefighters to get the upper hand on the fire.

"We had a very good night," he said.

"Not a lot of wind and the night crew were able to keep it down."

There are still 17 crews on the scene extinguishing what is left of the fire, with planes and helicopters containing the remote and difficult to access areas.

Mr Dyce said he expects the majority to be completed in the next two days, with rain over the weekend to extinguish the fire completely.

"They'll knock that on the head pretty quickly," he said.

The Grabine Road remains closed this morning, but Mr Dyce said he expects to have the road reopened this afternoon, in time for the Australia Day holidaymakers to arrive.

"We do have the Grabine Road still closed," Mr Dyce said.

We've got an excavator and dozer and they're tidying that up.

"Fingers crossed but we're hoping to open it up this afternoon."

People can access all the latest information at:

For further confirmation on the accessibility of Grabine Road, call the Wyangala Waters State Park on 6345 0877.

The following photos were provided to the Cowra Guardian by a number of people.