Residents playing with fire

Residents playing with fire


Central Western Daily  By NADINE MORTON

IN the last 38 days fire crews have been called out to 30 fires prompting a reminder to residents to be more vigilant when burning off.

Since the official bushfire season wound up on March 31, NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) crews continue to be called out to escaped burn-offs conducted on private property.

NSW RFS Canobolas Zone membership services co-ordinator Nils Waite said landholders need to be more careful when burning off.

"We've had 30 odd calls to assist people with burnings that have got away from them," he said.

Mr Waite said fires have escaped containment lines for a number of reasons including a lack of preparation and adverse weather conditions.

"Any fire that is lit must be maintained," he said.

"If it does escape into your neighbour's property you're liable for any damage."

Mr Waite said the threat of a fire escaping your property will continue with dry weather predicted for the next week.

He has asked for people to advise the NSW RFS and their neighbours prior to conducting a burn-off.

When landholders fail to notify their neighbours and the NSW RFS it often results in triple-0 calls to report the fire.

"Whenever we receive a call we have to send a crew to respond," he said.

"It wastes our volunteers' time going out to check on a burn."

Call the NSW RFS Canobolas Zone duty officer on 6361 8288 24-hours prior to conducting a burn on your property.