Springside Gumtree meeting

Springside Gumtree meeting


A Gum Tree Meeting for Springside, Springhill, Tallwood, Panuara and Burnt yards was held on Tuesday 28th October 2013, with 24 people in attendance.

The purpose was to increased awareness and identifying risks in the local area.

A brief history of fire management was provided and those present discussed preparedness for fire and identifying issues in forests NSW.

Nedra Burns' from Cadia Valley Operations outlined the impending acquisition of "black rock range" as conservation offset and proposed fire management plan for that area.

Tank on Canobolas top trail needs refilling and maintained

Cornwall-access to water and boundary trail –Forestry issue

Signage around forest poor –access roads need attention

Life style /livestock -> proposed info day Spring Hill tavern

Stolen burnt out vehicles and lack of legal outcomes to dissuade perpetrators

Giles road –overgrown-Cabonne issue

Old orchard overgrown Cadia rd opposite Hillcrest

Inspection by capt of property Carbine Road-Lyn Suttie

Carcoar Road Closed Bridge –alternate routes through Blayney or Mandurama adding ¾ hr. to incident call outs.

Manning of spotting tower –yes by forestry at appropriate times

Water resources audit proposed.