Fire sale: former tankers sure to be hot items at auction


IF you have always wanted to own a former fire truck, next month is your chance.

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Fire sale: former tankers sure to be hot items at auction | Central Western Daily


The Rural Fire Service (RFS) fire control centre in Orange will auction off three former tankers and four former group captain's vehicles online after they received updated equipment.

Canobolas Zone RFS asset and infrastructure officer Steve Smith said crews used to fit out their own vehicles, but they were now purpose-built, featuring more-efficient water and hose systems and heat shield protection for firefighters in case they became trapped in a bushfire.

"We push the issue of safety," he said.

"The biggest killer of firefighters is heart attack due to radiant heat and this gives them somewhere to hide.

"A 3000-litre tank is now equivalent to seven, eight, nine thousand litres of foam. It's far more efficient because it breaks down the molecular structure of the fire."

Mr Smith said the vehicles could fetch anywhere from $500 to $5000, depending on whether enthusiasts chose to bid.

"I've had 30 phone calls so far from people who are interested," he said.

However, Mr Smith said the four-wheel-drive vehicles were popular with timber workers, who removed the tanks, and farmers, who used the vehicles to distribute water across their properties in times of drought. 

 "Most of them have low kilometres and they're not as flogged as the mine trucks are," he said.

The vehicles, sourced from Cowra and Cabonne will be sold as is, and unregistered. 

Tanks will be intact, however, the sirens have been removed. 

Inspections can be arranged by calling the fire control centre on 6363 6666.