Red hot show for Moorbel RFS


With sold out shows over the last few weeks, the cast of 'TC and AJ Talent Scouts' are warming up for their most important performance yet- raising money for the Moorbel fire brigade.

After a fire destroyed equipment last month, the cast will now hold one final show to help the brigade replace much-need equipment. 

Co-writer and actor Ian Guihot encouraged everyone to attend the stand alone show and help raise funds for the volunteer driven brigade. 

"It's walk in, sit down and people can pay at the door," he said. "We're hoping for anything up to 300 people.

" With tickets only $5 for children and $10 for adults, Mr Guihot said it's shaping up to be a fantastic show. "All the others have been brilliant, they've sold out and people have loved it," he said. 

The show will be held from 3-6pm on Saturday, July 26 at the Canowindra Services and Citizens Club. Brigade Captain Lawrence Parrish thanked the cast and community for their support. 

"It's great and we're very grateful for the help," he said. 

"We only just found out that the gear like the fridge and eskies weren't insured, we thought they were but this will really help out in replacing them." 

Mr Parrish said other items like portable radios, torches and helmets will also need to be replaced.

 While they're coping in the meantime, Mr Parrish said two temporary tankers have helped the brigade out. 

With the large Cat 1 coming from Bulli RFS and the Cat 7 from a Canobolas zone tanker, Canowindra is now better protected in the short-term. Both the Cat 1 and Cat 7 tankers were lost in the fire, reduced to shells, along with the brigade's much-needed supplies.