Bonfires extinguished at Mount Canobolas, Wyangala as grass fires quashed


The NSW Rural Fire Service has been forced to extinguish bonfires in high danger areas during a total fire ban period.

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RFS Inspector Nils Waite said firefighters were tipped off regarding two bonfires – one at Mount Canobolas, the other at Wyangala Dam – being lit, and responded to extinguish the blazes before the they could spread.

Christmas fire 1

A total fire ban was announced on Friday and will be in force until the new year.

The RFS also responded to a truck carrying hay which caught alight in Spring Terrace at around noon on Saturday.

Inspector Waite said the hay was dropped off the back of the truck to be extinguished, with firefighters called to the scene at 11.45am on Saturday.

Polpure workers also assisted to extinguish the hay with a tank, and Inspector Waite said he didn’t believe the truck was seriously damaged.

The RFS also responded to a grass fire near Carcoar Dam on Saturday morning, with an undetermined electrical fault sparking a small blaze in a paddock.