Hazardous Incident Cudal


Fire and Rescue NSW crews from Station 380 Molong and Fire & Rescue NSW Station 216 Bathurst attended a Hazardous Materials incident in Cudal, approximately 30kms west of Orange in the state's Central West together with the NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Ambulance and NSW Police Force.

A number of residents in the vicinity of Main St have already been evacuated, with more evacuations currently taking place, including the local pre... school. Crews are currently investigating the extent of the spill, which is believed to involve quite a few thousand litres of sodium hypochlorite and potentially other chemicals. Residents in the area are urged to avoid the vicinity and to follow instructions from on scene emergency services. Further updates will be made to this post as soon as possible.

☑️ Update 2.20pm - Firefighters are working in severe weather conditions with lightning, rain and high wind in the area. A severe weather warning has been issued. Firefighers are still at work investigating the extent of the spill and are increasing the size of the exclusion zone in the area, which will cause further evacuations.

☑️ Update 2.40pm - At least 15 people have now been evacuated in Cudal, with a further 40 pupils from the nearby school evacuated and moved to the nearby Bowling Club. The NSW SES is now being responded to provide assistance to on scene crews who are expected to be in attendance for a significant period of time.

☑️ Update 2.50pm - Crews from Fire and Rescue NSW Station 412 Orange are now responding to assist at the incident in Cudal. Two persons working at the site at the time of the spill occurring have been treated by NSW Ambulance crews for minor breathing difficulties.

☑️ Update 3.05pm - Firefighters working in Cudal have been able to confirm that a 5000 litre tank has ruptured at the site and are working to account for all of the product that has leaked from the tank. Crews wearing fully encapsulated chemical suits have been able to plug the leak, but will need to deal with the copious amounts of liquid that have spilled at the site, which could take a significant amount of time.

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