Mt Canobolas Fire


There is a fire burning at Mt Canobolas. Please see links below for fire updates

LOCATION: Mt Canobolas


STATUS: Under control

TYPE: Bush Fire


SIZE: 1671 ha

Damage 1

Damage 2

The following photos and videos are from numerous sources. We would like to thank all the people who have contributed for making their videos and photos available. 

The following roads are closed

Mt Canobolas Road and Old Canobolas Road remain closed from the  start of the fire ground.

Saturday 1 Saturday 2

Lithgow Fire Station took this video while undertaking asset protection at the top of Mt Canobolas. 

The footage shows the Birddog directing the VLAT over the site to allow retardant to be laid, this retardant is laid to inhibit fire progress. It certainly is not an easy job.

The fire did come close to the communications infrastructure but ground crews quickly subdued the flames and all infrastructure was saved

Bell 214B filling up from Lake Canobolas during the fire.

Prime 7 news stories

News stories on the fire

WIN News stories on the fire:

Air 1

Air 2

Air 3

LIne Scan at 11-2-2018.

Mt Canobolas 21a

DC 10 jet flying flight path over the fire for 10.30am drop

Flight path 1

Photos provided by Peter West from the Canobolas Road.


Fire a

Canobolas 3a