New Radio Changeover Completed


The past four weeks have been busy with over 160 tankers and support vehicles undertaking radio upgrades.

For fire fighting tankers the XTL Motorola radio has been replaced by an upgraded APX Motorola and all group/Command vehicles have had the XTL Motorola and the Tait TP replaced by two APX Motorola's plus installation of new ICOM UHF CB units.

The APX Motorola has a GPS system fitted and this is now enables across the entire fleet. The next upgrade will see the addition of a status panel that will allow push button notification when "responding" and "on site" etc.

Laminated instruction sheets explaining the operation and Zone listing has been placed in every vehicle for support.

Inspector Bowden would like to say thanks to the team of volunteers who assisted with pick up and return of the vehicles across the three install locations of Orange, Cowra and Cumnock, some days clocking up nearly 700klms, we could not have completed it without you all. Thanks also to the Waugoola and the Cumnock Brigade who opened their station doors as a fitting location, your help was appreciated

New Radio Changeover