Peter James Wykes receives Australian Fire Service Medal


Peter James Wykes from the Orana area has been awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal.

He held the position of Senior Deputy until October 2000 when he was elected Deputy Group Captain for the Southern district of Wellington Council area.  

Peter Wykes

In 2009 and again in 2014 Peter was elected as a Group Captain in the Orana Team, a position he still holds today.

Peter has always been a very active member of the Service.  

He is a strong supporter of the Brigade, the NSW RFS and the Wellington community in general and constantly seeks ways of contributing to improving the Service.  

He is a very positive and industrious volunteer who is a very busy Grazier always available and never finds a task too difficult.  

He regularly goes out of his way to volunteer for his group area and the wider community of volunteers.

Peter regularly makes himself available to go out of area to assist other districts particularly the Canobolas and other neighbouring districts. 

He is constantly seen on the fireground and at other incidents in the role of Divisional Commander or Incident Controller.  

He has had many appointments as the Divisional Commander on many large fires and Section 44 incidents. 

His reporting of information and gathering of intelligence is very timely and accurate.Group Captain Peter Wykes is a valuable asset to the Orana Team and the wider community of the NSW RFS.  

His diligence, professionalism, attitude and dedication makes him a worthy recipient of the Australian Fire Services Medal.