This page provides information for NSW RFS staff and volunteers about the Service’s response to Novel Coronavirus.

The situation with Coronavirus is changing rapidly. The NSW RFS is continuing to monitor the situation closely.

Monitor this page for any changes to advice. This page will be updated regularly.

This information was last updated on Thursday 2 April 2020.

Impacted locations
  • All NSW RFS facilities remain operational.
  • The NSW RFS is restricting access to all facilities including brigade stations, fire control centres and Headquarters, other than for essential personnel or emergency situations.
  • The NSW RFS State Operations Centre (StateOps area) is accessible only to essential personnel.
Current Advice for Staff and Volunteers

Working from alternative locations

For the safety of our staff and volunteers, the NSW RFS is implementing alternative work locations. This includes working from home or other office locations.

Staff should check with their manager about working arrangements and any requirements.

During this time, we will maintain a presence at all office locations to ensure critical services are delivered and support is provided to volunteer brigades.

All arrangements for non-essential activities such as equipment, supplies and support, should be principally facilitated by telephone, email, radio, etc. in the first instance, as opposed to attending facilities and making inquiries. Pick-up and delivery arrangements can be facilitated where necessary.

Restrictions on activities

The NSW RFS is restricting a number of activities such as events, training and non-essential attendance at NSW RFS facilities.

Where possible, alternatives such as teleconferencing or videoconferencing should be considered and used where available.

Members should check the Fact Sheet - Essential and Non-Essential Activities for further information.

Restrictions on visitors

The NSW RFS is restricting non-essential visitors to NSW RFS facilities.

Responding to incidents

When responding to incidents, please consider the steps in the fact Sheet 'First Responder Attendance at Incident where a person has suspected or confirmed COVID-19'.

Notification of COVID-19 cases or suspected cases for NSW RFS members

The NSW RFS COVID-19 Response Action Process outlines the process for all NSW RFS members regarding Coronavirus notifications.

This includes notifications of members with symptoms, confirmed cases, and for members who return from overseas and are required to self isolate.

Importantly, if you are feeling unwell, do not attend NSW RFS facilities, activities or incidents.

Download the NSW RFS COVID-19 Response Action Process. This document may change as the situation changes.

Fact Sheets
Frequently Asked Questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions is available here. These will be updated regularly.

Advice for visitors to NSW RFS facilities
  • Only essential visitors will be permitted to NSW RFS facilities, except in emergency situations.
  • The NSW RFS recommends alternatives to face-to-face meetings, including teleconferences or videoconferencing.
  • If you are scheduled to have a meeting at a NSW RFS location, contact the meeting organiser for advice and possible alternatives.
Affected events
  • All NSW RFS involvement in ANZAC Day services, including Gallipoli, has been cancelled.
  • All non-essential events and activities should be reconsidered.