Employers honoured for supporting volunteer firefighters


The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) has honoured businesses who have gone above and beyond to assist their volunteer firefighter employees protect the community.

NSW RFS Commissioner Rob Rogers said Supportive Employers Awards have been given to 12 businesses in recognition of their vital contribution to firefighting and emergency response efforts.

“I know having staff called away at short notice, having to down tools in the middle of a job or leaving the office for extended periods, puts pressure on workplace productivity,” Commissioner Rogers said.

“I would like to thank all employers who provide leave to NSW RFS volunteers, especially those that did during the protracted and unprecedented conditions of the last fire season.

“The NSW RFS Supportive Employers Program recognises businesses who generously grant volunteers leave to attend emergency incidents during work hours without financial disadvantage and also implement measures such as specialised leave or promoting volunteering achievements.”

Commissioner Rogers said the recipients honoured this year include a range of small and large businesses, international corporations and government agencies, all located in various areas of the state.

“While the time and effort that volunteers put in is clearly visible, this couldn't happen without supportive employers behind the scenes,” Commissioner Rogers said.

Commissioner Rogers thanked all employers who support NSW RFS volunteers, noting that having workers off site can be challenging, especially so during the current health crisis.

“Volunteers continually dedicate their time to protecting communities across the state and this couldn’t happen without supportive employers allowing them to do the things they do,” Commissioner Rogers said.

“Last season the whole country witnessed the outstanding effort our firefighters put in to protect lives and communities across NSW. With the start of the official bush fire season upon us soon, it is reassuring to know we will once again be able to rely on the support of bosses and businesses right across the state.

“Volunteers continually dedicate their time to protecting communities and this could not happen without supportive employers.”

The Supportive Employer Program was launched in March 2013 to recognise the essential contribution employers make to the volunteering effort. Since then, 336 businesses have been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and 96 have received a Supportive Employers Award.

2020 NSW RFS Supportive Employer Award recipients

›   Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

›   Camden Council

›   BAE Systems

›   Australian National University

›   Department of Education EDConnect

›   Coles Australia

›   Fujitsu Australia Limited

›   Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

›   Shaw Contract Group Australia

›   Goodman

›   NTT Ltd.

›   Fowler Road SSP Merrylands

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