Graduation celebrations for Marian Catholic College cadet firefighters


22 students from Marian Catholic College were congratulated today by NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Executive Director Bronwyn Jones PSM for their successful completion of the NSW RFS Secondary School Cadet Program.

Ms Jones said the program is the ideal way to introduce young people to the important role volunteer fire fighters play within communities.

"The cadets have completed a course that ran over nine weeks that has given them skills which will last a lifetime,” Ms Jones said.

“As well as examining fire behaviour, the students have been taught essential fire safety techniques and gained an appreciation of the work our emergency services do every day in this State.

"The cadet program also offers students the opportunity to experience firsthand the commitment and camaraderie that comes with volunteering.”

Ms Jones said this was the first time Marian Catholic College has offered the NSW RFS Secondary School Cadet Program to its students and hoped it would become a permanent fixture in the curriculum.

“It’s great to see genuine enthusiasm for this important community based program,” Ms Jones said.

“In addition to our NSW RFS members, I would also like to extend a special thanks to the Principal and staff from Marian Catholic College, for helping to make this program such a success.”

Ms Jones also paid tribute to the staff and volunteers from the MIA District that facilitated the course.

"NSW RFS members thoroughly enjoy working closely with schools and communities to ensure that everyone is as well prepared as possible for the very real threat of fire. Firefighters cannot do it alone.

“The Service is proud to pass on the ideals of community service, dedication and teamwork to the next generation.”

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