Hannam Vale Rural Fire Brigade celebrates 50 years


The Hannam Vale Rural Fire Brigade has proudly protected the local community since it was first formed in 1964 and today its members gathered to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said he was honoured to celebrate the brigade's 50 years of community service with its dedicated volunteers.

"I would like to sincerely thank all of the volunteers, both past and present, who have devoted so much of their time to transforming the Hannam Vale brigade into the community institution it is today," Deputy Commissioner Rogers said.

"I know the Hannam Vale Brigade volunteers will continue to serve the local community for many years to come.

"The Service also recognises that this would not be possible without the support of the volunteers' families and we thank them also."

Deputy Commissioner Rogers said Hannam Vale Brigade volunteers are highly regarded and well supported by the local community.

"The volunteers work tirelessly, not only in firefighting roles, but also to ensure the community has a high level of fire safety awareness," Deputy Commissioner Rogers said.

"Their hard work and professionalism doesn't go unnoticed and this is a great opportunity for the broader community to express their gratitude and say thank you."

The Hannam Vale Brigade's 50th anniversary ceremony also included the presentation of Long Service Medals to six volunteers.

"Between them, these six volunteer medal recipients have dedicated a combined total of 138 years service to the community," Deputy Commissioner Rogers said.

"I would like to make special mention of Hannam Vale volunteer Colin Sheather who, along with his Brigade, is this year celebrating 50 years of service.

"Colin, along with each and every volunteer, is worthy of our most sincere thanks and I would like to personally commend them, not only for their commitment to the Service, but also to their community."This area contains no content yet. Click here to start editing.

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