Initial assessment of fire affected areas – Northern NSW


The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) has completed the assessment of areas affected by the weekend bush fires in Northern NSW. A total of four houses have been destroyed.

The following has been confirmed:


4 houses destroyed

1 house damaged

29 houses untouched

9 outbuildings destroyed

2 outbuildings damaged

22 outbuildings untouched

Racing Track, Turners Flat fire (Kempsey)

1 house destroyed

1 outbuilding destroyed

1 outbuilding damaged

11 homes untouched

10 outbuildings untouched

Gilmores Gully fire (Kempsey)

1 house destroyed

5 outbuildings destroyed

1 outbuilding damaged

2 homes untouched

7 outbuildings untouched

Clearfield Road, Rappville fire (Richmond Valley)

2 houses destroyed

2 outbuildings destroyed

11 houses untouched

4 outbuildings untouched

Brewers Road, Kippenduff fire (Richmond Valley)

1 house damaged

1 outbuilding destroyed

5 houses untouched

1 outbuilding untouched

Attached files:

Contact Name: State Duty Media Officer

Contact Phone: (02) 9898 1855