NSW Rural Fire Service rescues blood stocks from cold and flu season


The cold and flu season is triggering a drop in blood donors and blood stocks, prompting the call for new donors to roll up their sleeves and give blood.

One of the most vital and life-saving services of Sydney will today answer that call. Members of the Rural Fire Service will roll up their sleeves and donate in a bid to raise awareness about the need for blood this winter.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzimmons said he hoped the public to follow their lead and become life-savers to the thousands of Australians who rely on blood products for survival every week.

"This is an opportunity for emergency services to get involved and make our donations count. It's an extremely worthwhile cause, and at this critical time I encourage all emergency services employees and the public to come forward and roll up their sleeves and donate" he said.

Blood Service spokeswoman Nina Lathey said cold and flu season was a challenging time for blood supplies.

"Regular donors hit hard by cold and flu are cancelling appointments so we really need people to roll up their sleeves and take their place," Miss Lathey said.

Giving blood only takes an hour of your time and every donation helps to save three lives. One in three of us will need blood in our lifetime, yet only one in 30 actually gives blood.

To donate, contact the Blood Service today on 13 14 95 or visit www.donateblood.com.au

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Contact Phone: 02 9898 1855