Speciality NSW RFS helicopter already serving the community


A state-of-the-art firefighting helicopter, donated by the Goodman Foundation to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), has already been put to good use to help protect the community.

The helicopter was recently deployed to Forbes, in the state’s west, to assist the NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) and local brigades with the emergency response to flooding in the region.

The chopper has been reconfigured to meet the specific needs of the NSW RFS, including the installation of winch, belly tank and a surveillance camera for use in firefighting operations, search and rescue, and down the wire insertions and extractions.

While government will always have a role in providing this kind of equipment, partnerships of this nature will help secure additional resources to help protect communities during fire seasons.

Greg Goodman, Group CEO at Goodman Group, said the helicopter is part of the Foundation’s $6.5 million pledge to support Australian communities following the bush fires.

“The Goodman Foundation partners with like-minded local organisations to fund explicit projects and in doing so, provide real support where it is needed most,” Mr Goodman said.

“The 2019/20 bushfires left a devastating imprint on all of us. By supporting the NSW RFS with this helicopter, we hope to make a tangible and sustainable difference to the NSW RFS and the lives of people in our community. “

NSW RFS Commissioner Rob Rogers said having the specialised aircraft was a valuable additional resource to combat fires across the state.

“We know helicopters can play a key role in providing early and impactful action against developing fires and, as recent events show, our aviation capabilities are able to assist other emergency service agencies during times of crisis,” Commissioner Rogers said.

“We’re very grateful for this generous donation by the Goodman Foundation as we enter the fire season. This welcome gift places us in a great position to continue to protect people in the communities we serve.”

With rainfall expected to continue over the coming months, it’s predicted to fuel grass and crop growth and increasing the likelihood of grass fires across the state. Grass fires can be especially dangerous because they start quickly and spread rapidly, destroying not only homes and stock, but also lives and livelihoods.

“While we are seeing a lot of rain currently, we cannot be complacent about preparing this fire season as bush and grass fires can strike at any time,” Commissioner Rogers said.

“It is crucial that people prepare and take simple steps like cleaning your gutters, removing combustibles from your yard, ensuring hoses can reach all corners of your property and completing or updating your bush fire survival plan, so you and your family know what you will do in the event of a fire.”

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